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Beach House

Located in Marang, Terengganu, this client had a specific brief of home retreat to cater for extended family living. And it so happens to be that their interest also revolves around the Malay traditional house.

Taking the above factors into account, we proposed to adapt the Terengganu Traditional house typology, but fuse it with modern day needs & requirements. The design outcome is somehwat unique. Combining traditional finishes with modern building construction material, this project hopes to achieve both the brief & interest of the client.

"Architecture belongs to culture, not civilization"
- Alvar Aolto

When first approaching the design, the thought has always been revolving around the roots of what traditional Malay architecture house is all about, the culture.

By delving into the Terengganu Malay culture that influences certain architectural features of the Terengganu Malay house, we were able to reinterpret the form & functionalities in the modern context through the planning of the house layout, as well as in the form making of the building.

The resultant effect is 3 traditional house modules arranged to fomr a holistic function as a house for extended family living gateway. The in-between spaces between the modules are what stitches them together, invoking interesting interior outcomes.